We offer design, consulting, install and maintenance service of Multiplex cinema and special cinema Also we offer all of item like a digital projector, server, sound system, screen, 3D/4D system uniquely domestic We also offer maintenance service in Korea furthermore Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and the other ASEAN country.

Nation’s solitary exclusive supply for major multiplex

Nation’s solitary overseas subsidiaries holds EUGENETEK MALAYSIA, VIETNAM

Nation’s solitary multiplex theater specialized engineering corporation
Analog 1,400 / Digital 1,300 screen installation

Know-hows from previous theater operation

Company name
Eugenetek corporation
Joon-Ho, Lee
Cinema Equipment
Business filed
Cinema System Consulting and Cinema Equipment Supply, installation, A/S of all the Southeast Asia country.
Import/Export Service of cinema equipment ,
special display equipment installation and service
Exhibition display design and installation.